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When getting ready for the photo shooting for You&Me, I was searching for a make-up and hair stylist. At that time, little did I know, that I would find such a treasure. Nice, happy, always smiling but most importantly: same cup of tea: Olivia.

Olivia will gladly take you through the world of women‘s beauty. For her every woman is beautiful, but not every one is aware of it. It fulfills her to show them their beauty. She works as a professional stylist on the highest level, which I can only confirm, having seen her hair and fashion styling at various weddings and professional photo shootings and other events.

She has attended a lot of certified trainings, seminars and workshops. If you want to feel more attractive and self conscious, she will help you achieve just that. A content client is the biggest reward for her and she works on herself constantly.

What more to say. The photo shooting with Olivia was very pleasant and I praise her everywhere I go. It is always a challenge when you put a team of people together, who you never met before, to see how well they get on. The whole atmosphere and good teamwork will reflect upon their final work. And our final product was magical.

So if you are looking for a skillful, reliable and professional makeup and hair stylist for your wedding or any other very important event of your life, Olivia is the right choice for you.